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Coalescence of Fashion

Coalescence of Fashion + Interiors

Exploring the relationship between Interior Design and Fashion Design in a live,
interactive photo shoot directly on the show floor broadcast on Social Medias

“Constellation“ Awards

Honoring all segments of design from commercial to residential, the Constellation Awards competition will be open to all exhibitors. The jury will make selections based on the product’s contribution to the field of interior design, functionality, quality and durability, aesthetics and style, and innovation. A special reception will be help on the show floor on Sunday, honoring the winners. Entries are judged on design aesthetics, the ability to be economically mass produced, marketability and commercial viability.

Edge Design Contest

THE EDGE - Furniture Design Contest - An Concept Furniture design competition, featuring promising Student Designers from various
colleges Annual feature of Edge Design awards for the students of Architecture and Design Colleges on national level


Positioned right on the show floor, IFEX Talks will feature a full slate
of design visionaries and leaders sharing insight and knowledge as
it relates to the interior design world.